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Returning home may not be in fashion,
but solving a murder
never goes out of style…

Murder Most Fowl

First in the Swansneck Village Mystery Series

Available as eBook, Paperback and Kindle Unlimited
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Oh, how I enjoyed this cozy mystery! I wish the place were real, as I'd love to visit. The mystery itself was complex and it was hard to guess the murderer.

Kara Marks

Lancashire, England.

Despite the Swan family now promoting Swansneck village as a nostalgic Victorian tourist attraction for Lancashire’s cotton mill heritage, Jenny Bradshaw had never wanted to set foot in the place again. But a failed marriage and the conditions of her uncle’s legacy left her no other choice.

Forced to abandon her P.A. job in London, Jenny dreads the years of drudgery ahead. Working at the family bakery and caring for her uncle’s pigeons was not exactly the future she’d envisioned. But when a hat shop is offered for sale within the classy, recently transformed Swan Mill Hotel, Jenny thinks her luck may finally be changing. At least, until she unwittingly implicates a beloved childhood friend in murder…

Between attending the biggest wedding Swansneck had ever witnessed, juggling her new business and relaunching the Swansneck Messenger newsletter, Jenny seeks to clear her friend’s name. By establishing new links in the village and deciphering cryptic notes left in the pigeon coop, Jenny builds her list of suspects. But uncovering generations of secrets and lies from a roster of quirky Swansneck residents, only seems to prove everyone has a motive for murder.

Unable to reveal her multitude of suspicions to urbane new neighbour, DI Kenon, without appearing to have totally lost her wits, Jenny’s quest for the truth threatens to turn her hometown into her final resting place.

Murder Most Fowl is an absorbing cozy mystery set in a charming British village. If you like amusing, engaging characters and true-to-life settings, then you’ll love V.S. Vale’s riveting whodunit.

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Cozy Mystery Award

What was life like in a Victorian Lancashire mill town?

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