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Cozy Mystery AwardReviewed By Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

Murder Most Fowl (A Swansneck Village Mystery) is a delightful cozy mystery that will satisfy the most die-hard amateur-sleuthing murder mystery fan. This spellbinding Noir instantly captivates the reader, drawing them into the enigmatic life of a village in northern England. The essence of the novel is deliciously authentic, and I was enchanted with the genuineness of the town and its inhabitants. Jenny’s impulsive, risk-taking approach to life is engaging and brilliant. Jenny’s shop, her journalistic endeavors, and her penchant for solving mysteries are fascinating elements to her character, and I am looking forward to finding out how they fare in future escapades. Jenny is an exciting new sleuth similar in style and disposition to Agatha Raisin, and I can hardly wait to read about her next adventure. Those who love spunky, tenacious heroines will not be able to resist this series!

Cozy Mystery SeriesThere is a new cozy mystery in town!!!
By Melanie Moore Smith

Calling all cozy mystery fans!! If you have not read this cozy mystery, you need to get it now. V S Vale is a new author to me and when I had the chance to read the ARC, I loved it after the first few pages. Let’s think about it….What is there not to love? A quaint little village, a grandmother, a Fat Cat, a coffeehouse, a tearoom, and wonderful characters! The writing is good, the mystery is good and if you love a little humor, well…there you go. This is the book for you.I love the characters and cannot wait to see where they are going to go. There is so much potential. Here is the “bad” part. I usually figure out the mystery at least by 30% of the book. I failed. I did not figure it out. I did not have a clue. I had two people that I thought would be the ones….nope. It hurts me to admit when I am wrong, but I was wrong.
This new author will be one of my “pre-order” authors and I am going to patiently wait for the next book.

Cozy Mystery SeriesDelightfully comfy British Cosy Mystery
By Mallory A. Haws:  Reading Room Reviews

First in the Swansneck Village Mysteries, MURDER MOST FOWL is a heartwarming delight, a British village cosy. Although the series has a contemporary setting, I believe it will endear itself to readers of Miss Marple and other village amateur sleuths of the classic Golden Age of Mystery, as well as to readers steeped in American cozies, which often emphasize crafts, books, baking, chocolaterie, and cooking.
Our heroine returns to tiny Swansneck Village, not in shame but instead to fulfill her late uncle’s legacy. Marriage in London had proved convenient but unfulfilling, and her stressful City jib ran her ragged. Now she has her uncle’s home and pigeons, and has just purchased a hat shop, to convert into a Vintage emporium. She’s also just discovered the obsession of solving mysteries.

Cozy Mystery SeriesCouldn’t put it down! Read it!
By Sierraflowr

I really enjoyed the book. Ms. Vale has brought a town to life, including a marvelous map and glossary in the back if you get confused with British terms (Thank you Thank you Thank you!). It is well thought out, along with the things that are usually present in a small town. Showing us what pigeons were used for in ages old, that is obviously still going nowadays, was very interesting. There’s also an aviary and an astute peacock!
Along with seeing the town in your mind, you can visualize the characters because Ms. Vale has drawn them out very well and its like you know them. Even so much as to throw in some doozies of what can be in a town, which is not quite what we think of as normal, but it is. The people are a community.
I look forward to learning more about the characters in the book, picturing whats happening within the town, and being a voyeur to the peoples lives in Swansneck again!
I’d highly recommend this book, its marvelous and I couldn’t put it down!

Cozy Mystery SeriesA Swansneck Village Mystery includes wonderful characters and a map of the village…
By Cinda Inman

This book was well thought out including a map of the English cotton mill town created by Cornelius Swan along with all of his rules.
The characters in this book are described so well you could almost see what they look like. Along with the Tearooms being a focal point in the village, the Pub and the structures on the map, you must keep reading to find out what happens. Hilda’s clan that thrives on gossip, Jenny’s best friends from her childhood Greg and Kim, plus Bert Scrogham who handles the park.
I cannot wait until VS Vale releases another book.

Cozy Mystery SeriesGreat mystery set in an English village
By Debi

Great first book in a new series! Strong storylines, interesting characters & good setting descriptions (she even included a detailed map of the village). I enjoyed following the dilemma of the main character when she has to move from a city back to the village where she grew up. It was interesting to “watch” her decision-making processes as she settled down to village life. The mystery was very well thought out. It was hard to put it down. Looking forward to the next book in this series. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes clean cozy mysteries which take place in an English village and have surprise endings.

Cozy MysteryJoin the community of Swansneck Village today.
By Thys Strumpfer

Lovely read. This book was a very captured read. It kept we awake for a couple of very late nights, as I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading. Not possible to figure out who the guilty one was, as there are so many possibilities. The conclusion got me from out of the blue…a very surprising end. The characters were brilliant… made me feel part of the community and I just LOVED the implied love of animals hinted at throughout the story. If you like reading mysteries about life in a small village…this book is for you.

Cozy Mystery SeriesExcellent, and fun mystery to read!
By Skipperdo

Such a cleverly written story. I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy books lately, and this cozy mystery was a nice change of pace. The characters are well-developed, and in many places, quite funny as well. I loved reading about Swansneck, and traveling about with the main character as she pieced together the mystery. It was a thoroughly delightful read. I highly recommend it. I look forward to reading more from this author!

Cozy Mystery SeriesDelightful English cozy mystery
By Kara Marks

Oh, how I enjoyed this cozy mystery, set in a charming town in England. The main characters are well fleshed-out and very likeable. I loved the beautiful description of so many daily activities with which I’m not familiar, such as afternoon tea. The shops in the tourist town sound so charming – I wish the place were real, as I’d love to visit. The mystery itself was complex and it was hard to guess the murderer, which I prefer. I was glad to see that there will be another book in the series.

Cozy MysteryA funny British Cozy

This was a humorous cozy set in a small British village. You know the type of village, one where everyone knows your business and there are always a few people willing to hint at it with others. But what’s a person to do when they are forced to return to the village and a murder happens???  I can’t wait to read what is next for Jenny.

Cozy Mystery SeriesRead it all in one sitting!!
By Corey Damerell

Fun read. Believable characters. Enchanting setting, draw you in plot. Very well written, and thoroughly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to reading a lot more about Jenny, and all of the other inhabitants of Swansneck. Keep the stories coming!

Cozy Mystery SeriesGreat read
By Mary Cadahia

Great read. The characters are well rounded and make you feel like you are visiting friends rather than reading. Can’t wait to read what I hope is an ongoing series. Get the book

Cozy Mystery SeriesGreat new series

Lovely start to a new series. Great characters, nice cozy read.

Cozy Mystery SeriesIf you like a crime mystery, make this your next book

Having once lived in a East Lancashire town myself, I can see the characters and places so vividly, and very aptly described they are too! I won’t go into too much detail of the story to avoid any spoilers, but it’s a story line that could be very real in such a town/village. Apart from the strong characters and vivid settings, I was kept guessing right to the end who had done the dirty deed. All in all I found it very well written, a compelling read and a real genuine page turner. I’m looking forward to the next mystery from VS Vale.
I would highly recommend.

Cozy Mystery SeriesWhat a great read!!!
By Mandy K

From page one I was immediately hooked by the storyline, plot and the description of the characters is second to none. I could picture very clearly in my head exactly what they all looked like, I found it very difficult to put down.
I do enjoy a “Cozy Mystery” and it was a really refreshing and lighthearted change from some of the crime stories that I also read.
I loved the map at the beginning of the book, setting out the village and I can honestly say I did not guess “Who Dunnit”. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!